photo: construction volunteers at kalihi ymca

Our programs work to help keep volunteers volunteering, non-profits functioning and communities thriving.


hands in program (hip)

The Hands In program is an inspirational volunteer orientation and skills assessment for new HIHO participants. This two hour workshop trains new volunteers to become familiar with the HIHO mission and process, and to begin developing the supportive relationships that help us reach our retention rates of  85%.

Helping out program (hop)

HIHO provides an important and unique benefit to Oahu’s non-profit organizations: maximizing their capacity to recruit, manage and retain volunteers so they can carry out their missions. Through the Helping Out program, HIHO places volunteers in the most-needed volunteer jobs at events and workdays for local non-profit partners. HIHO currently works with 17 local partners. HIHO matches each volunteer with opportunities that match their skills and interests, and leaders participate alongside volunteers at an event, providing essential supervision and support to the event organizers.

hiho academy

Leading a group of volunteers takes more than just babysitting skills. It takes a compassionate, thoughtful, organized leader who can connect with a volunteer beyond facilitation skills. At HIHO Academy we train a select group of enrolled HIHO Volunteers in the field of volunteer leadership. HIHO Academy is a year long course comprised both of classroom and in field work that equips each individual with the necessary tools to be a successful volunteer leader.

HIHO education department (hihoed)

So, you run a non-profit with an awesome mission. This mission is so awesome that people want to donate money to help you further your mission. Heck, it is so amazingly awesome that people want to start volunteering for you. Yeah, that would be swell! But what do you do with those volunteers once they show up to help? Non-profits know the quandary all too well. At HIHOED, we've identified that some of the most common barriers to retaining volunteers happens before a volunteer even picks up a phone to contact you. HIHOED is a fee for service program that provides consultations, audits, event coordination and educational opportunities for qualifying 501(c)3 non-profits.